About Kelly Ferguson

​Psychic Medium &  ​Intuitive Empowerment Coach

40 Years of Experience, Countless Lives Transformed

Toronto native, Kelly Ferguson, has felt a powerful connection to nature and the spirit world since childhood. This innate ability to connect with the greater whole – nature, spirit guides, higher selves, angels, and the divine – fuels her lifelong calling to heal. With 40+ years of experience as a leading psychic medium, shamanic healer, and intuitive mentor, Kelly empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

Driven by love, the most powerful force in existence, Kelly connects with the highest realms of energy. This allows her to mend hurting hearts and clear emotional blockages with divine messages of light and love.

A natural empath with exceptional clairvoyant abilities, Kelly bridges the gap between you and loved ones who have passed, gently validating their messages. She can also sense future possibilities and past influences shaping your life. Combined with her strong claircognizance (clear inner knowing) and clairaudience (clear inner hearing), Kelly delivers accurate messages and guidance to help you navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.

Kelly's expertise extends beyond personal healing. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals harness their intuition for success in business, relationships, and health. By guiding them to gain greater clarity and make better decisions, she empowers them to thrive ethically in their endeavors. If you are interested in radically changing the way you operate in everyday life and business, click Intuitive Empowerment Academy  to learn about the Intuitive Decisions Made Easy program.

A passionate mentor, Kelly also assists those mastering their abilities, enabling them to deliver highly accurate and evidential readings with confidence, skill, and ease. In doing so, she spearheads a new wave of world-class professional psychic mediums, each contributing to a lasting legacy of healing in the world. If you are interested in leveling up your psychic business or mastering your abilities, click Intuitive Empowerment Academy to learn about the Psychic Medium Mastermind program.

Warm, compassionate, and naturally calming, Kelly puts everyone at peace. Her radiant energy and overflowing love inspire those around her. When not transforming lives, you can find Kelly living in the suburbs with her two children and two mischievous cats, Noah and Brina.